Fracking Sites on Middle Peninsula?

August 9, 2014

From 6 - 8 PM on Tuesday, August 19th, the Virginia Conservation Network will conduct a Summer Workshop on Fracking in Virginia at the Ernie Morgan Center located at 3500-A Granby St, in Norfolk. Hear how the fracking boom has affected neighboring states and may affect the Tidewater area and possibly the Chesapeake Bay. Read more »

VEC, DMME Host 2014 Energy Plan Listening Sessions

June 18, 2014
The 2014 Virginia Energy Plan, an update to the 2010 Virginia Energy Plan, is in process. Gov. McAuliffe's newly formed Virginia Energy Council and the Dept. of Mines, Minerals and Energy will hold six public listening sessions across the state.  The Hampton Roads event is scheduled for Thursday, June 26, from 6:00PM to 8:00PM and will be held at ODU's Webb University Center located at 49th St. and Bluestone Ave. Parking is available in Parking Garage E. Read more » "Do the Math" Tour followed by CCAN March to Whitehouse

Nov. 12, 2012
It’s simple math: we can burn 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming — anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. The only problem? Fossil fuel corporations now have 2,795 gigatons in their reserves, five times the safe amount. And they’re planning to burn it all. As part of a nationwide tour to build a movement that will change the math of the climate, Bill McKibben and will be holding a "Do the Math" tour event starting at 1:00 pm on Sunday, November 17th at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance. Read more »

Power Company Suspends Effort to Build Coal Plant

August 8, 2012

As originally reported by Tom Pelton of Bay Daily

In what appears to be a major victory for clean air and water activists, the Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) has announced that it has suspended its attempts to obtain permits for what would be the largest coal-fired power plant ever built in Virginia, the proposed Cypress Creek plant in Dendron.

“New regulations proposed by the U.S. EPA, as well as changes in market conditions, have led ODEC to suspend permitting activity for Cypress Creek for the time being,” Mary Howell, ODEC’s manager of public relations, wrote in a statement emailed today. “ODEC is presently evaluating alternative sources of power supply.” 

If, in fact, ODEC decides to drop the plans to build the 1,500 megawatt coal-fired power plant in Surry County, Virginia, that would mean cleaner water for the Chesapeake Bay, and cleaner air for the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Read more »

Carbon Offsets at William & Mary offer Local Impact

W&M Carbon Offset Program Most of us want to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide someone else is putting into the atmosphere.  But when it comes to turning the spotlight on our own activities, it can become a little uncomfortable.  For example, do we give up a family reunion in California because, added to all of our other activities, it makes our carbon footprint look like that of a dinosaur?  One way to compensate is to use carbon offset programs.

Carbon Offset programs suggest a donation to create a positive action for the environment to counterbalance our actions which might negatively affect the environment – (like the carbon dioxide emitted by that airplane on our round trip flight to California). Read more »

A Coal Plant’s Drain on Health and Wealth

CBF Reports on ODEC Coal Plant Report by Chesapeake Bay Foundation, May 2011

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation usually issues reports on the health of the Bay, not on Coal Plants.  But the Surry Coal Plant proposed by the Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, ODEC, would have a huge affect on the health of the Bay and on the health and economy of the entire Tidewater region.  This report documents the illnesses, premature deaths, health-related costs, and pollution that would arise from a 1500 megawatt coal-fired power plant in the Hampton Roads area.

The report concludes the following: Read more »